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Staff Recruitment Best Practices

1. Check to see if you have any placement goals for the vacant position
  • Placement goals are related to affirmative action regulations and tell you if your department, your unit, or the campus has fewer women or underrepresented minorities in that position than we would expect to find based on the availability of those individuals in our labor market.
  • If your department, your unit, or the campus has placement goals, every effort should be made to develop an effective recruitment plan, advertise widely, conduct a thorough search, and use applicant pool statistics to ensure a larger and more diverse applicant pool.
2. Create an effective Diversity Recruitment Plan
  • Search out "niche" sites that market directly to the demographic you are looking for, including sites that market to Veterans and individuals with disabilities
  • Research out to professional groups related to the job duties of the position
  • Insure that the posting text is attractive to a diverse audience
  • Ensure your department website communicates a commitment to diversity
  • Develop a contingency plan if the initial recruitment effort does not bring in a sufficiently diverse pool, especially if there are placement goals
3. Ensure the mandatory search committee training is completed by all members
  • At a minimum, the search committee member must have completed one of the learning activities listed below before serving on the committee:
    • Training workshop - Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity 101
    • Training workshop - Recruitment & Selection Strategies for the Hiring Manager
    • Recruitment Advertising & Affirmative Action webinar
    • Diversify and Train the Search Committee tutorial
4. Review the Applicant Pool Statistics/Availability Comparison
  • Use these data to insure your applicant pool is diverse, especially if your department has placement goals
  • If diverse enough (all categories indicate availability"), continue the recruitment
  • If not diverse enough (one or more category indicate "below availability"), consider your contingency plan or use your resources
5. Use your resources


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